Grow your supporter list & raise more money

Smart digital campaigners are combining lead ads on Facebook and Instagram with lifetime value lookalike audiences and raising more money than they are spending on ads.

Some campaigners are seeing 2x, 3.5x and even 7x returns on ad spend over 12 months.

Let me teach you how you can do the same.

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By the end of this course, you'll know how to:

Design a winning lead ad

You'll learn a step-by-step approach to creating ad content, the most important ad elements to test and how to avoid the most common mistakes (including one that will kill your results).

Create an ad audience of likely donors

You'll learn how to use lifetime value lookalike audiences -- a powerful ad targeting option that finds new people that are similar to your best donors. 

Follow-up with your new supporters

You'll learn how to get your leads into your CRM and get recommendations for following up via email, phone and text messaging to maximize the amount of money raised (without being icky).

What is a lead ad?

Lots of people want to be connected with your organization, but filling out a petition page takes too much time and can be difficult on mobile. Facebook lead ads makes the process easy.

A potential supporter can tap your ad on Facebook or Instagram, and a form pops up. It's already pre-filled with their name, email address and other information they have given Facebook.

With a few quick taps, they have signed a petition, registered for a campaign call or taken some other type of action. The data can be synced to your CRM so you can follow-up instantly.

What is a lifetime value audience?

Lifetime value lookalike audiences are an advanced targeting option that enables you to find people who are similar to your best donors and serve them ad content.

This powerful targeting option goes one step beyond a standard lookalike audience by including a column in the source file with the sum of a supporter's cumulative donations. Facebook uses that data to model an audience that will likely also become donors.

Your instructor

Hi, I'm Randall Smith. I've raised millions of dollars online and taught dozens of people how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. I want to share with you the most effective method I've discovered for recruiting new donors with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Learn more about me.

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