Learn how to build your email list with people who are likely to become donors.

If you’re a digital strategist or a fundraiser at a progressive organization looking to recruit new donors while treating them like human beings (and not ATMs), then you probably already know that the source of your new email supporters is important.

Some sources of growth result in a more engaged email list and more donors. Other sources bring in a lot of names, but they drag your open and action rates down.

Here's why the tactic taught in this course is so effective.

1. We use Facebook lead ads so people can opt-in to the email list without ever leaving Facebook or Instagram. The audience sees the content in their feed, taps it, and a form opens right in the app.

The form fields are pre-filled so people can join with just a couple of taps.

Removing the friction of a petition page (clicking out of the app, waiting for the petition page to load, filling out the form fields, clicking sign) cuts the cost per opt-in.

2. The ads are served to people who are similar to your donors. Facebook looks for common qualities among your donors and creates an ad audience of two million people who “look” like them.

Using the power of Facebook’s algorithm to identify potential donors can be much more effective than trying to choose the correct interest-based targeting.

It can also have a higher return on ad spend than acquiring new supporters who have clicked a sponsored petition on a platform (and might like to click on everything, but rarely donate).


"When I first started working as a digital organizer I was really intimidated by Facebook ads. I was working with a small budget, no ads team, and I needed to achieve good results quickly. Working with Randall gave me the rare opportunity to learn how to run effective Facebook ads in a supportive environment where I felt free to be creative and to experiment. As a result, I've been able to lower our cost per acquisition to an average of $1.36 and raise our return on ad spend to over $2.50 for every dollar spent on ads."

Aracely Jimenez-Hudis
Sunrise Movement

Introducing “Grow your supporter list & raise more money.”

This course guides you on how to use two powerful Facebook ad products to recruit people who are similar to your best donors and are likely to become donors themselves.

When you take the course, you’ll increase your knowledge of marketing and messaging, get more comfortable with manipulating and analyzing data, and better understand how your potential new donors think.

Most importantly, you’ll know how to build your email list by recruiting people who are likely to be active and generous supporters of your cause with Instagram and Facebook ads.

Even though Facebook and Instagram ads can be a hugely successful list growth tactic, they’re not easy.

It can take dozens of hours of hunting for up-to-date and quality how-to information on blogs and YouTube videos and months of trial and error. And once you find the how-to info, you need to convert it from business-speak into lessons that you can apply to mobilizing, organizing, and advocacy.

Let me save you the headache of going it alone and be your guide to creating effective list-building campaigns.


By the end of this course, you'll know how to

Create an ad audience of likely donors

You'll learn how to use lifetime value lookalike audiences -- a powerful ad targeting option that finds new people that are similar to your best donors. 

Design a winning lead ad

You'll learn a step-by-step approach to creating ad content, the most important ad elements to test and how to avoid the most common mistakes (including one that will kill your results).

Follow-up with your new supporters

You'll learn how to get your leads into your CRM and get recommendations for following up via email and text messaging to maximize the amount of money raised (without being dishonest or manipulative).

"I've learned everything I know about Facebook Ads from Randall. He's a great teacher and problem solver and his guidance was pivotal when I began managing Facebook Ads for my organization. I now create and track ads regularly, but if I ever run into an issue, Randall is who I go to."

Lucia Martinez
Free Press

Hi, I'm Randall Smith, your guide to using Facebook ads for list growth

For the past six years, I've helped organizations design and run people-powered campaigns through the consulting firm I founded, PowerLabs.

Learn more about me, my work and my approach to Facebook ads (warning: it's long.)

A big part of our work at PowerLabs has been figuring out how to recruit people online and move them to organize an action — like a protest, a visit to their lawmaker’s offices, or a house meeting — with their friends.

Along the way, we figured out a method of using Instagram and Facebook ads that is ridiculously effective at recruiting donors.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from raising millions of dollars online and growing the email list of dozens of organizations (from new organizations with no email list to those with lists of over one million subscribers) and created a step-by-step implementation program that teaches you an effective method for recruiting new donors through Facebook and Instagram ads.

I've taught dozens of people how to use Facebook ads, including staff members of Bend the Arc, CASA, Courage Campaign, Free Press, IfNotNow, Movimiento Cosecha, NRDC, and the Sunrise Movement.

Let me teach you how to do it too.

Enrollment ends on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Enrollment in the course only opens a few times year, but you will have lifetime access when you sign-up.









"After taking the course, I had a much deeper understanding of what Facebook ads could do and how they could be effective for our movement."

Elon Glickman

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